Breeding program

Fetura CLOUD is a complete farm control tool. The SolidFarm breeding program is branch of the system dedicated to the convenient supervision of animals technological groups and tasks to be performed on the farm.

The digital sow card will never get lost and detailed reports will show when and which animals should be inseminated. Farrowing dates will be automatically calculated. You can also easily generate a list of pigs to be vaccinated according to the schedule. And this is just the beginning!

SolidFarm in practice:

„All data entered into the Fetura CLOUD system by means of a dedicated RFID reader is automatically stored on the sow cards, which can be printed later(…) we do not have to rewrite data to the computer manually”

Marcin Skalski

herd size: 110 sows, province. kujawsko-pomorskie (Poland)

The paper is
over 2000 years old

It’s time to take your farming to the Digital Age! Manually filled sow cards are easy to lose, often get dirty and might be misread – the digital card does not have these drawbacks. Based on the breeding cycle settings selected by the users, the system will remind about the most important stages of the cycle, such as ultrasound examination or transfer to the next sector.

The breeder receives convenient notifications on the phone and, if necessary, can generate ready-made task lists for employees.

Take control ...

… with checklists! Due to the fact that the Fetura CLOUD system includes data of devices, buildings and animals, the breeder gains the ability to quickly generate ready-made lists of tasks for employees (e.g. „list of sows for insemination” or „gilt pigs for vaccination”). Thanks to this, users can easily plan the entire breeding process in advance and achieve the top-class results.

“In delivery rooms, after scanning the pen, we can see immediately what treatments we have to perform on piglets, whether any vaccination or treatment is needed. (…) Everything is based on the scanning of pens. We do not have to manually copy any data from the sow cards hanging above pens to the computer”.

Marcin Skalski

herd size: 110 sows, province. kujawsko-pomorskie (Poland)

Digitize your
herd and farm
with the
Fetura CLOUD.

Digitally supported
breeding is:

Savings and better organization of labour time on the farm

Automatic data collection from your farm

Digital sow cards
History of animals technology groups and their detailed breeding history

All historical and statistical data of farming are safely stored in the cloud, resistant to random events, to which paper documents are susceptible.

Using SolidFarm breeding and farm management program you gain:

Control of the entire farm from one application

Optimizing production results and increasing profitability

Better organization of labour time

Automatic gathering of breeding data

Everything on your personal phone

Farm and employee management – access control via various types of accounts

Control of the entire farm from one application

Optimizing production results and increasing profitability

Better organization of labour time

Automatic gathering of breeding data

Everything on your personal phone

Farm and employee management – access control via various types of accounts

Customer Feedback

„The Fetura CLOUD feeding system that is installed in our livestock building – it is not comparable to feeding by hand – with the system feeding takes place 6 times a day. Feed doses are smaller and more frequent – sows are more stimulated […], well fed and the milk yield is adequate”

Andrzej Tarnowski

herd size: 600 sows, province. łódzkie (Poland)

„Fetura CLOUD is very useful and what is more it is absolutely necessary and highly efficient tool to make every sow group equal in terms of body condition.”

Tomasz Dzikielewski

herd size: 330, province. warmińsko-mazurskie (Poland)

„I am using Fetura CLOUD on my personal mobile – I set up parturitions and every daily dose is automatically calculated by the system starting with the day of settlement on farrowing sector up to the separation.[…] System is handling it on it’s own”

Stanisława Tarnowska

herd size: 600 sows, province. lodzkie (Poland)

„Setting up the feeding curve for anyone who is familiar with using mobilephone or PC takes up to 5-10 minutes. Handling the system is user-friendly and intuitive.”

Mateusz Wiszowaty

herd size: 410, province. mazowieckie (Poland)

Fetura CLOUD – SolidFarm - smart herd breeding program - swine and farm management software for pig industry

Discover other Fetura CLOUD devices


The income from running a pig farm starts with the sows and the electronic sow feeder Nutri One ensures that animals are kept in perfect body condition.


Thanks to the use of RFID technology, Nutri Group feeders automatically identify animals and feed them individually according to adjusted schedules and feeding curves.


Silo scales together with Fetura CLOUD are designed to highly precisely monitor levels and average usage of feed in every silo. Realtime data is accessible in smart and convenient way straight away from application on any desktop or mobile device.


Maintaining optimal microclimate in livestock buildings is a challenge at any time of the year – in summer, animals may overheat, in winter, breeders struggle to maintain an appropriate level of ventilation.


In group pens, the automatic sorting scale effectively reduces the time of the fattening, often eliminates animals dominance hierarchies and provides breeders with a lot of valuable information about the body condition of animals.


Adding electricity and water meters into the Fetura CLOUD system will allow you to automatically monitor the consumption of utilities, and thus control the profitability of your farm.

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