Electronic Sow Feeder

The income from running a pig farm starts with the sows and the electronic sow feeder Nutri One ensures that animals are kept in perfect body condition. Frequent, automatic and maintenance-free feeding delivered in small portions (up to 6 times a day) increases milk yield, weaning weight and productive time of every sow.

Nutri One stands for automatic and well-optimized feeding and relieving the workload of farm employess.

NUTRI ONE in practice:

„The Fetura CLOUD feeding system that is installed in our livestock building – it is not comparable to feeding by hand – with the system feeding takes place 6 times a day. Feed doses are smaller and more frequent – sows are more stimulated […], well fed and the milk yield is adequate”

Andrzej Tarnowski

herd size: 600 sows, province. łódzkie (Poland)

Saving feed saves money

Feed costs are the main factor determining the profitability of pig production. Electronic sow feeder Nutri ONE is known of economical and precise dosing of feed at the desired time of the day. With the initial dose and the trigger that is actuated by the sow we are sure that every portion of feed is used properly. Nutri One is dosing feed only when it is needed – that is the key factor in the individual and precise sow feeding on demand. If sow has eaten the entire hourly/daily dose, the indicator light turns white.

The user-friendly Fetura CLOUD system collects and stores every data from the Nutri One. You are able to analize realtime and historic data whenever and wherever you want. Herd handling has never been so convenient!


Automatic feeding

Electronic sow feeders Nutri ONE are dosing feed precisely in the farrowing, mating and gestation areas according to the desired schedules and feeding curves. You will receive easy to read and analize data for every sow in your livestock building. On any device from anywhere in the world.

If necessary, the dispensers can work fully independently of the Fetura CLOUD. They are equipped with multifunctional buttons and LEDs indicating the feeding status. Quick glimpse at the Nutri ONE and you know everything!


NUTRI One electronic sow feeders

Feeding sows by hand will soon become a relic of the past. Not only do our modern solutions relieve breeders, but they also ensure that animals are in better body condition. This leads into the profitability of the entire farm.

Correct, optimal sow feeding is within your reach as well. If you want to introduce innovative, efficient technologies at your farm, choose the NUTRI One sow feeder – a smart device that will revolutionise your farm and allow you to generate even greater profits.

Sow feeding optimisation – why is it so important?

An electronic sow feeder is a solution for those who wish to develop their farms and make them profitable. It’s a way of optimising sow feeding that consequently ensures animal welfare. It allows you to:

  • increase your sows’ milk yield

Animals which receive proper, tailored portions of feed produce more milk. This leads mainly into the better body condition and shape of the fed offspring. Sows’ increased milk yield contributes to higher weaning weight of piglets;

  • prolong the productive lifetime of sows

Regular, proper feeding of sows helps them stay in good shape and health. Well-fed animals will be able to produce healthy offspring for a long time;

  • increase your farm’s profitability

Those who are looking for ways to increase the number of piglets in a litter should start with purchasing electronic sow feeders. Feeding livestock with the help of such devices assures higher farrowing success rate, which results in more piglets being born.

How can your farm benefit from the electronic sow feeders?

Ensuring proper livestock feeding is crucial to any pig farm’s profitability. Automatic sow feeding is not just about convenience. The technology we offer guarantees:

  • animal welfare – sows which are well-fed farrow more offspring. They are also able to feed their piglets with more milk, which results in higher weaning weight of piglets. Moreover, animals that are fed well have longer productive lifetime, thanks to which every animal brings you even more profit.
  • pig farm profitability – expenses related to feeding livestock comprise a big part of pig farming costs. Sow feeding optimisation consists in dispensing exactly the amount of feed the sows need – this way, no feed goes to waste, thus allowing you to save money;
  • increased effectiveness of the operator’s work – proper livestock feeding leads to increased milk yield of sows and animal well-being. Using automatic sow feeders eliminates the risk of human errors that could have a negative impact on your pigs’ welfare.

Automatic sow feeding – how does it work?

Each electronic sow feeder has a special trigger built in. Whenever sows move it, an appropriate amount of feed is dispensed. Therefore, they only receive feed when they actually need it. Implementing this solution also encourages sows to be more active, which has a positive impact on their body condition.

Thanks to the Fetura CLOUD app, you can access information on when and how much your animals eat whenever you need it. That way, you have full control of your farm at all times!

If you’re searching for ways to increase the number of piglets in a litter, increase your sows’ milk yield and keep them in excellent shape, choose the NUTRI ONE sow feeder – an effective way to boost your farm’s profitability!

Automate every sector of your livestock building with us…

Fetura CLOUD system

Control the farm remotely from anywhere
in the world using your phone

Realtime feeding data easily accessible to view and analize

Perfect body condition of sows thanks to individually
selected schedules and feeding curves

Rectangle 4920@2x

Using Nutri ONE electronic sow feeders
together with Fetura CLOUD you gain:

Group 13337

Increased weaning weight of piglets

Group 13392

Increased farrowing efficiency and the number of piglets in every litter

Group 13428

Increased milk yield of sows and well-balanced body condition of animals

Group 13476

No more human mistakes and time-saving of every farm worker.

Group 13554

Feed saving and higher total income

Group 14165

Herd-focused and individually adjusted schedules and feeding curves

Group 13337

Increased weaning weight of piglets

Group 13392

Increased farrowing efficiency and the number of piglets in every litter

Group 13428

Increased milk yield of sows and well-balanced body condition of animals

Group 13476

No more human mistakes and time-saving of every farm worker.

Group 13554

Feed saving and higher total income

Group 14165

Herd-focused and individually adjusted schedules and feeding curves

Customer Feedback

„Feeding is automatic, sows with piglets in every moment of their life are getting well-balanced doses of feed.”

Marcin Skalski

herd size: 110 sows, province. kujawsko-pomorskie (Poland)

„Fetura CLOUD is very useful and what is more it is absolutely necessary and highly efficient tool to make every sow group equall in terms of body condition.”

Tomasz Dzikielewski

herd size: 330, province. warmińsko-mazurskie (Poland)

„Setting up the feeding curve for anyone who is familiar with using mobilephone or PC takes up to 5-10 minutes. Handling the system is user-friendly and intuitive.”

Mateusz Wiszowaty

herd size: 410, province. mazowieckie (Poland)

„When it comes to Fetura CLOUD – I would not change it for anything else – In the past I had much more work to do. I had to feed animals by hand, and now with the Fetura I am the manager.”

Stanisława Tarnowska

herd size: 600 sows, province. lodzkie (Poland)

Fetura CLOUD - Nutri ONE - electronic sow feeding system for farrowing, mating and gestation area

Discover other Fetura CLOUD: devices

Group 14237


Thanks to the use of RFID technology, Nutri Group feeders automatically identify animals and feed them individually according to adjusted schedules and feeding curves.

Group 14143@2x


Silo scales together with Fetura CLOUD are designed to highly precisely monitor levels and average usage of feed in every silo. Realtime data is accessible in smart and convenient way straight away from application on any desktop or mobile device.

Group 14144@2x


Fetura CLOUD is a complete farm control tool. The SolidFarm breeding program is branch of
the system dedicated to the convenient supervision of animals technological groups and tasks to be performed on the farm.

Group 14145@2x


Maintaining optimal microclimate in livestock buildings is a challenge at any time of the year – in summer, animals may overheat, in winter, breeders struggle to maintain an appropriate level of ventilation.

Group 14146@2x


In group pens, the automatic sorting scale effectively reduces the time of the fattening, often eliminates animals dominance hierarchies and provides breeders with a lot of valuable information about the body condition of animals.



Adding electricity and water meters into the Fetura CLOUD system will allow you to automatically monitor the consumption of utilities, and thus control the profitability of your farm.

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